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Our Story

An artist.  An NFP instructor.  A youth minister.  And a digital marketer. 

Four women with completely different backgrounds living in 3 different states, brought together by the Holy Spirit.

So how did this whole thing actually get started???

Sarah (the NFP instructor) mentioned to Katie (the digital marketer) that she needed a website for her NFP instruction services. 

Katie offered to help. 

In the meantime, Val (the youth ministry leader) was working on launching a vlog to accompany couples in their NFP journey. The vlog was called You, Me & NFP. 

Sarah actually taught Val the Marquette method of NFP and they had remained close friends. 

Sarah loved the name of Val’s vlog and they decided to blend the vlog with NFP instruction services - a website that would teach both the why and how of natural family planning. 

As these three women were working on You, Me & NFP, Sarah got a call from Anneli (the artist). Sarah had taught NFP to Anneli several months prior. 

Anneli told Sarah she felt the Holy Spirit was calling her to showcase God’s plan for family through her art. And the first person she could think of to call was Sarah. 

It was perfect timing since You, Me & NFP had just gotten underway. 

From there a close friendship developed among the four of us and our vision for You, Me & NFP has continued to unfold into something much bigger than we first imagined. When this all came together, we remained rooted in prayer to discern God’s will for sharing NFP.

So far this journey has been filled with highs and lows, but also full of joy. And despite feeling unworthy to fulfill this task, we continue to put our trust in Him. We continue to find inspiration and courage in the words of Mother Angelica:

 “If you’re not willing to do the ridiculous, you’ll never experience the miraculous.”


Rooted in prayer, we joyously and shamelessly share the good news of sex and marriage as given to us through the wisdom of the Catholic Church. Using today’s technology we will:


Reach people where they are

Empower with knowledge


Make NFP easily accessible

And accompany each other on our journeys

Meet Val

About: Small town Michigan girl.  Married to my amazing husband Brendan for 11 years and have been practicing NFP our whole marriage.   Momma to 4 kids here on earth Simon (9), Silas (7), Gracie (5), Adele (2), and one baby in heaven.  I have always been

passionate about God's plan for sex and marriage and what a gift it is to give and receive that with our spouse exclusively.

Experience: Bachelors of Science in Communications. Catholic Youth Minister for 12 years.  With her husband, has taught the "why NFP" in a local church for marriage prep classes, member of GRNFP coalition.

Things I enjoy: Adoration, coffee & craft beer enthusiast, and lover of my family and friends and spending moments with them, dancing in the rain vs. being discouraged by the rain, spending time outdoors, I enjoy speaking to groups about the Lord!

Fun Fact:  Once Sarah and I where taking a selfie on the busy beach, and tripped over each other and fell to the ground!

Favorite Saints: Saint Therese of Lisieux and Pope Saint John Paul II

Favorite Quote: "God loves us right where we're at, but loves us too much to keep us there!”

Meet Sarah

About:  Born, raised, and still live in the South.  In 2008 I married, Pat, my best friend from high school.  We have 6 children.  While I am a cradle Catholic my love for the faith and teaching of the church have grown through the sacrament of marriage. 

Experience: Bachelors of Science in Nursing, Registered Nurse and Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN).  Marquette Method NFP instructor since 2014 and have taught over 1,500 couples worldwide. 

Things I enjoy: Evangelizing/teaching NFP, date nights, being pregnant, learning about the lives of the saints, coffee (with hazelnut of course), dark chocolate, snow (too bad I live in the south), gift giving, and being a night owl. *Special love for accompanying people coming off of birth control.

Fun Fact:  My van's bumper sticker says 'honk if a kid falls out'! 

Favorite Saints: Saint Therese, St. Faustina, and St. Catherine Laborae.

Favorite Quote: "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." -St. Catherine of Siena

Meet Katie


Milwaukee native, southern transplant.  Married for 13 years to my husband,  Chas, who I met at the University of Georgia.  Mother to 4 amazing children Addie (7), Dani (5), Charlie (4), and Beau (1).  Cradle Catholic but convert to NFP after discovering JPII's amazing theology of the Body!

Experience: Bachelors degree in Journalism. MBA with a concentration in marketing.13+ years of experience working in the marketing industry; Most recently I led the North America team at a global marketing automation agency, helping clients such as LinkedIn, Adobe, and Red Hat (to name a few) with marketing technology, operations and strategy.

Things I enjoy: Spending time with family; Hosting friends at our house, Reading, Cooking, Working out, Daily Mass, Divine Mercy

Fun Fact:  I actually discovered Theology of the Body when I had to teach it to a group of teens… I came home and told my husband we needed to stop contracepting.

Favorite Saints: St. Faustina, Mother Theresa, and St. Therese

Favorite Quote: “Don’t look for big things, just do small things with great love.” - Saint Mother Theresa

Meet Anneli

About:  Live in a small Wisconsin town on the shores of Lake Superior.  

Married to Luke for 6 years and have three beautiful children Lily (5), John Paul (3), and Damien (1).  My husband calls me a JPII junkie with how much I love reading his writings!

Experience: Masters in Secondary Art Education.  K-12 art teacher in Minneapolis and Alaska. Currently run a 2,000 acre cash crop operation with my husband.

Things I enjoy: Creating and/or enjoying beautiful artwork, especially with photography, videography, and interior design and architecture.  Jogging and enjoying nature. Adoration. Traveling to new corners of the world with my family.  Backcountry hunting trips with my dad or my hubby.

Fun Fact:  My husband and I used to live in a remote village in the Arctic Ocean where there were lots of polar bears.  We have some awesome guardian angels that helped when we came a little too close to a mama polar bear.

Favorite Saints: Pope Saint John Paul II and Joan of Arc

Favorite Quote: “Be Not Afraid” -Saint John Paul II


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