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The Truth About
Birth Control

"There was no "normal" feeling with birth control. The doctors told me that eventually I would "level out" but what that meant for me was that after a month of being on birth control, the depression, agitation, and fits of outrage and tears became a normal part of my life.

Years later, when I met my future husband, I decided I wanted our journey to be one that would be free and faithful. And now the only thing that seems crazy is taking a pill that would make me feel depressed and separated from my husband. I am loved, I am respected, and I am true to myself, God, and my future husband and family all because I said yes to love and yes to life!"


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“We went from using birth control to NFP and it has brought us closer as a couple. Our communication is better, because if you can talk about cervical mucus, you can talk about anything!  And as an added bonus, we've found when you are intentional about intimacy, you have more of it.”


"I used multiple forms of birth control from ages18-34 which triggered an onslaught of ailments from which I will never fully recover. From anxiety to depression, weight gain, acid reflux and IBS - some of which included multiple ER visits and appointments with  psychiatric and gastrointestinal specialists. Never in my almost 15 year battle did a single physician ask if I was taking birth control or even suggest that perhaps if I stopped taking birth control, it could assist in alleviating the illnesses.

The sad reality, even now, is that the side effects of these pills and IUD never fully go away. I've been practicing NFP for almost four years now and still struggle with my body's inability to regulate certain hormones. Nevertheless, my decision to stop taking birth control was the best decision for my physical health. I feel significantly better and certainly more in control of my body. And major bonus - my spiritual life and marriage are fueled by this choice as well, just as God intended!”


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The Truth About Birth Control

We believe women need to know the truth about how birth control affects their bodies.

Learn more in this video from Sarah Tramonte, a registered nurse and certified NFP instructor.

You, Me, and NFP - The Truth About Birth Control WITH OUT SUBTITLES
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You can read more about the Truths of Birth Control by visiting our blog post here.

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