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Because it's Organic and Natural

As you find yourself shopping or desiring to shop all things organic...consider NFP, the family planning that is all organic.

NFP methods are free from artificial hormones, steroids, carcinogens (yes, that cancer causing agent), and synthetic ingredients.

It's natural that the seasons change just as it is natural that our bodies have recurring cycles.  We know what it's like anxiously awaiting that next season and the changes it brings.  We can be grateful for the changing season both in nature and in our bodies.

Utilizing NFP allows us to experience each "season" of our bodies while anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next season.

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"The natural beauty of our bodies is reflected in the

natural beauty found in NFP." 


"God has made everything appropriate to its time."

- Ecclestiates 3:11

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More Reasons for Why NFP

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