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Our Bodies are
Perfectly and Wonderfully Made

When the Creator of the world fashioned our bodies He made them perfectly and with a purpose.

If we stop and think about it, why is contraception or sterilization used to "fix" something that was never broken?  For example, would we go against nature and cut off a leg that is properly functioning?

We tend to forget that our bodies are designed with the potential of procreation. Our fertility is natural, healthy, and a systematic design, not something that needs to be "fixed."  There is no need for contraceptions or sterilizations that break our functioning bodies. 

When the Lord fashioned us in our mothers' wombs, we were created intentionally with the potential for future pro-creation. The female and male body were made for each other, they are complementary; without one we could not create new life. The biology of male and female bodies, just by looking at them fit together perfectly. 

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"NFP has been a game changer for strengthening our relationship and communication, and I have never felt more accepted and loved for being conditions, no need to change myself." 


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“I praise you because I am

fearfully and wonderfully made .”

- Psalm 139:14

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