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While We Wait Your Heart Remains

The doors of the church are closed while the doors of Your heart, Jesus, stand open like the outstretched arms of the Prodigal son’s Father.

I may be asked to abstain from receiving Your Body, but Your heart is always mine.

I’m reminded of a time, not long ago, when my heart ached during a season of extended abstinence from my beloved. For the sake of my health my husband and I abstained for months on end, offering that expression of love, out of love for one another. It could have wrecked us, the cracks in our hearts acting as open windows to bitterness and resentment.

And yet, You, Jesus, used that time to teach us what it means to truly love and long for someone, what it means to sacrifice for the good of another, and most importantly You showed us how You always make a way in the desert. You grew an abundant harvest in our hearts despite a seemingly barren time.

We walked through that desert hand in hand, uncertain, fearful of what might be asked of us, with only You to guide us. Uncertain of how long it would last, weary from the journey, often tempted to give up and run. But You beckoned us on, showering us with graces, equipping us for every unknown that lay ahead.

You ask us now to stay the course as we abstain, only this time from receiving You. While we waited for one another we asked, “how can I love you today?”

So today I ask you, Jesus,

“How can I love You with what I have?”

“How do You want to bear fruit in my heart today?”

May this abstinence from receiving You, Jesus, cultivate a new appreciation for the gift that You are. May we never again take for granted the priceless gift that is union with You.


Ellen Virginia is a devoted wife and homeschooling mother who loves to share her gift of hospitality with everyone she meets. A natural cheerleader of the heart and a passionate advocate for time spent with Jesus, Ellen delights in encouraging women to choose joy each day. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram: @yokedtotheheale

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25 abr 2020

I'm from Wisconsin, USA. Married for 11 years with infertility, my journey have ended with the help of Lord Krish Spiritual. I have joined many infertility journey blogs online just to have a comforted heart over my problem and this has helped me to find the right man to help me cure this devastating problem. As a patient of endometriosis stage 3, it was really difficult to have a child but with the help of Lord Krish I got fertile and conceived within days of herbal treatment and before I knew it, I was finally pregnant. I never believed it was possible after 11 years of marriage. Thanks to everyone who has helped me both mentally and emotionally through this…

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