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50 First Dates

In the movie 50 First Dates, Adam Sandler meets Drew Barrymore and immediately falls for her. The only problem is that she develops short-term memory loss, so she can’t remember anything that happened the day before. In response, Adam Sandler goes to great lengths to woo her over and over again each day. In other words, he comes up with 50 first dates.

Although You, Me and NFP cannot condone some of the language or conduct in this movie, it got us thinking...

What if we, as married couples, “dated” each other with as much zeal as Adam Sandler dates Drew Barrymore in the movie?

Okay we know, it’s just a movie and probably unrealistic. But let's be honest with ourselves - we can all probably do better in this department (at least all of us You, Me and NFP think we can).

That said, in the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, we came up a list of “50 First Dates” to inspire you and your spouse to “date” each other more intentionally, more frequently and more joyfully.

At home ideas/date nights in ($):

  • If you have children set the clocks ahead (shhhh!) feed them a simple meal and put them to bed early, order in, light some candles, turn on your favorite playlist and dance in the kitchen

  • Netflix binge / Movie Night

  • Cook a new meal together

  • At home wine/beer/coffee/tea sampling, whatever is your thing...but pick up new varieties and sample them together with some appetizers and/or desserts

  • Give each other massages

  • Fondu & Game night

  • Bon-fire in the back yard

  • Set a blanket and pillows outside and stargaze together

  • Try to re-create your first date at home (make the same meal, watch the same movie, etc)

Adventure Ideas ($ - $$$):

  • Go to an indoor rock climbing center and climb together

  • Pack a picnic and cooler and kayak together (May we suggest going a bit before dusk to watch the sunset together)

  • For those winter months: Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating

  • Appetizers and Bowling

  • Bring it back to the 90’s and go roller skating together

  • Go to an amusement or water park for the day

  • Mini golf and ice cream

  • Go-karts and batting cages

  • Go to a sporting event together

  • Go golfing

  • Outdoors couple: Hunting or Fishing

  • Horseback Riding

  • Hiking

  • Hot-Air Balloon Ride

  • Go for a walk/run together

  • Go to the beach and watch the sunset

More sophisticated dates out ($$$):

  • Get dressed up and go to a favorite steak or seafood house

  • Go downtown and get drinks at an upscale place

  • Go to a brewery, distillery, winery together *make sure to have an Uber

  • Take a wine and canvas class together

  • Try a new restaurant you’ve never been to

  • Find a place where a live band or concert is playing, relax and listen or dance the night away

  • Surprise your spouse with dinner out and fancy hotel for the night (plan the babysitter ahead of time and pack their bags) let it be a complete surprise

  • Go to the opera/ballet/play

  • Go to the museum or an art exhibit

Service dates and growing in Faith Dates ($):

  • Go to a nursing home and visit residents together, then go out for dinner or a movie after

  • Volunteer at a charity event together

  • Volunteer at a local food pantry together

  • Go to a church/school auction and support the event

  • Pick any date on this list but start or end the date with one of these: adoration, Mass, confession, praying together (rosary and or other prayers)

Miscellaneous ($ - $$$)

  • Go out for Brunch

  • Appetizer Crawl - visit several restaurants (preferably in walking distance) and try an appetizer at each

  • Go to an outdoor festival in your city

  • Go to a tourist destination in your city together

  • Drive-in movie theatre

  • Find a pool and spend the day there together

  • Shop for each other - set a budget and pick something out for one another

  • Go to the Farmer’s Market

  • Go to the Spa

  • Karaoke

  • Take a class together; cooking class, boxing class, dance class,  etc - whatever interests you and don’t be shy to try something new

So the next time we find ourselves in a rut and not sure what to do for a date night, we have this list to help guide us! Let’s commit to being more intentional, getting dates on the calendar ahead of time and staying committed to them.

Let’s love our spouses more fiercely which leads to joy filled marriages, joy filled families and joy filled living!

What has been your favorite date? (comment below).


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