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A Light in the Darkness

By Anneli Schraufnagel, Founding Team Member of You, Me and NFP

St. John Paul II once said that there are "very powerful resources" in the world that "contradict 'the truth and love' which should inspire and guide relationships between men and women, thus causing tensions and divisions in families, with grave consequences particularly for children. The moral conscience becomes darkened; what is true, good and beautiful is deformed; and freedom is replaced by what is actually enslavement."

When I saw Celine Dion's new occult children's clothing line called nunu, I felt I had come face to face with one of these dark forces.

In Celine Dion's promotional video, I witnessed an attack on children as soon as they emerge from the womb, stealing the most basic aspect of their identity - their gender. And worse, this twisted message was glamorized as fashionable and freeing.

I couldn't stay idle. I had to act.

In response, I created the home video, "A Light to Shine in the Darkness" to share the beauty of the family as God designed it.

As the Christmas season officially comes to a close this weekend, let us all remember that Christ came into our world to bring us light, and the darkness shall not overcome it.

To learn more about Anneli, check out her bio on our About Us Page.

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