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NFP Conversion & Baby Discernment

This is a guest blog post by Kathryn Whitaker

In this video Kathryn shares her personal story of how her and her husband converted to NFP. She also chats about having Luke, her 5th child who was born premature, she shares how they remained open to the Lord’s will in their lives and how they went about discerning a baby even after all the challenges with a NICU baby. She reminds us that each family size will look different, and that’s good and perfectly ok, as long as we remain open and faithful to God's call for each of us!

Kathryn Whitaker is a sixth-generation Texan, Catholic author, blogger, speaker, and freelance graphic designer who shares what it’s like raising a raucous Catholic family on Whitaker has contributed to Blessed is She, Take Up and Read, ATX Catholic, and Hand to Hold’s preemie blog. She has appeared in USA Today, The Son Rise Morning Show, Relevant Radio, and is a regular guest on The Jennifer Fulwiler Show on SiriusXM. Kathryn and her husband, Scott, live with their family in Austin, Texas.


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