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The Deception that Led to New York

As New York lit up the sky with pink in celebration of a law that allows the abortion of a child up until birth, I couldn’t help but think of something I had recently read:

“In every single case where people cooperated with evil, they used eloquent lies to assure themselves that what they were doing was actually good.”

- Jennifer Fulwiler, Something Other than God

I believe the pro-choice movement is full of good people who are fighting for what they truly believe is right and just. But I also believe these people have been tragically deceived by a web of "eloquent lies."

Those lies have led us to the point where our politicians are cheering for a law that murders innocent life and leaves women emotionally battered and bruised.

So how did we get here?

I would argue that our country’s moral erosion began with the lies of contraception.

People were told the birth control pill would “liberate” women. They could be “free” to act like a man and no longer be left with the “burden” of children.

(And people certainly weren't told about the harmful side effects of contraception or that some forms can even act as an abortifacient.)

But the reality is that as soon as we separated the procreative and unitive aspects of intimacy, members of the opposite sex could be treated as objects, or “mere instruments” to fulfill someone’s selfish desires.

I believe once people were “free” to use other people for sex, that’s when we, as a culture, began to lose sight of the dignity of human life.

Next there was the issue of abortion. What if the contraception method failed and a woman found herself pregnant? If women were to be truly liberated, then abortion had to be legalized. But to convince people, more “eloquent lies” were needed.

In Sue Ellen Browder’s book, Subverted, she shares details of how the abortion activists intentionally told lies to sway public opinion in America.

They wrote a book that provided “poisonous half-truths, limited truth and truth out of context” about the history of abortion.

They fabricated results of fictional polls to claim that 60 percent of Americans were in favor of abortion.

They falsified the number of illegal abortions that were taking place in America (they said one million when it was really more like one hundred thousand).

And they lied about the number of women dying each year from illegal abortions (they said ten-thousand when the real number was about 250).

To make matters worse, many of their lies were actually cited in the decision of Roe v. Wade.

But even though abortion had become legal, many clinic workers realized more lies were needed in order to convince mothers to abort their babies.

In Abby Johnson’s book, The Walls are Talking, abortion clinic workers share how they were trained to tell women that the infant in their womb was just a “blob of tissue.”

Abby Johnson has repeatedly shared her own experience of witnessing a 13-week old baby fight for its life at the hands of an abortionist. And in The Walls are Talking, a former abortion clinic worker shares what she saw during a late-term abortion:

“I saw the perfect outline of her baby. I witnessed it kick its legs and shift in an attempt to avoid the needle.”

If the fetus is not a human life - if it’s just a “blob of tissue” - how could it possibly struggle and fight for its life when someone is trying to take it?

Fast forward to January 2019 in New York and the pro-choice movement has legalized late-term abortions all the way up to birth, claiming it’s part of a woman’s reproductive rights.

We must ask ourselves: Will this law, which claims to be pro-woman, really bring more peace into a person’s life? And into our relationships? In other words, is this really as good for us as the pro-choice movement claims?

First of all, several medical professionals have come out and said that late-term abortion is never medically necessary.

OBGYN Dr. Nicholas Kongoasa provides clarity:

"Essentially, delivery at any gestational age may be medically necessary. But what the Reproductive Health Act allows is the killing of the fetus before delivery beyond 24 weeks. Babies born at 24 weeks have at least a 50% chance of survival and it is a standard protocol for most, if not all, equipped Neonatal Intensive Care Units to resuscitate babies born at and beyond 24 weeks. Therefore the killing of the fetus inside the womb before delivery just doesn't make sense and has no justification."

In addition, several studies have shown that women will suffer feelings of self-hatred, depression and anxiety after having an abortion. In essence, they will be forever scarred by their decision.

Not to mention the barbaric techniques used in late-term abortions...

The Lozier Insitute reports that “These particularly gruesome surgical techniques involve crushing, dismemberment and removal of a fetal body from a woman’s uterus, mere weeks before, or even after, the fetus reaches a developmental age of potential viability outside the mother. In some cases, especially when the fetus is past the stage of viability, the abortion may involve administration of a lethal injection into the fetal heart in utero to ensure that the fetus is not pulled out alive or with the ability to survive.”

How much further will we let the deception take us as a society?

If our country can legalize the killing of an infant up to birth, then why not legalize killing a 6-month-old? What if someone decides it’s too hard to care for their child or what if their child contracts a life-threatening disease - does that mean it’s OK to take their life?

I know, it’s a horrifying thought. But at one point in history, the thought of abortion horrified people as well.

It’s time to put an end to the deception.

Now, more than ever, we must be relentless in sharing the truth. As St. Catherine of Siena profoundly said, “It is silence that kills.”

But we must share this truth with love, compassion and mercy.

It’s not baby vs. mother. It’s both.

Women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy should never be shamed or condemned. Never. They need our love and support, not our judgment and self-righteousness.

The same goes for the women and men who have suffered an abortion. God desires to immerse them in an ocean of mercy. We too must offer them healing and forgiveness, not hatred or condemnation.

But our love cannot stop there. We have to extend this same merciful love to those who are currently working in the abortion industry, because they too have been blinded by the lies they have been fed.

If we are truly Christians, we are called to follow Christ’s example.

While hanging on the cross, Jesus did not say to his persecutors, “You’re all going to hell.”

No, he said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”


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